Please see our list of Frequently Asked Questions below. If you have any other queries please get in touch.

How Can I join MUNA?

Call in the office to register. Bring your nie number and pay 5 euros, or you can also pay via paypal

Here is how to pay your MUNA Membership fees using Paypal:-

If you have a Paypal account:-

Log in to your account at PayPal.com ( https://www.paypal.com/uk/home for the UK/English version), and proceed to Account Overview if there is an advert showing.

Click on the SEND button

Where it says “Send money to” Enter munamembership@gmail.com

Click on the NEXT button

Where it says “You send” Enter 5,50 Euros or 5.00 Pounds (this includes the fee payable by MUNA)

Optionally add a note (eg membership name or number)

Click on the CONTINUE button

Check the details are correct

Click on SEND MONEY NOW button, and you’re done.

If you don’t have a Paypal account, you can pay using your credit or debit card as follows:-

First MUNA will have to send you an invoice requesting payment, so send an email to munamembership@gmail.com with your membership number/s stating that you wish to pay your subs by credit/debit card in Pounds or Euros.

When we receive your email, we will send you an invoice requesting payment.

This email will contain a PAY NOW button – click on that and you will be directed to the Paypal Website.

Enter your credit/debit card details and confirm the payment.

Whichever method you use to pay, MUNA will receive an email when your payment has been processed, and your membership will become active. You will receive another email from MUNA to confirm this.

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What can Muna do for me?

Muna is an independent association and are here to offer advice on problems within the urbanization i.e. street lights, roads, rubbish etc. We are working to make the area a more pleasant environment to live in.

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What can’t Muna do?

We cannot get involved in personal problems such as neighbour disputes.

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Where is the Muna Office?

MUNA is currently based at Calle Roma 124 La Marina Urbanisation.

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What areas does MUNA cover?

San Fulgencio Municipality and its Urbanisations, La Marina, Oasis, La Escuera, La Pisqeuera 

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How Can I contact MUNA?

Our new base is Calle Roma 124 La Marina Urbanisation, if you need to contact us the office is open Tuesday and Thursday 10.00AM – 1.00PM outside these times please email to asociacionvecinalmuna@gmail.com 


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What is the Padron?

  • Padron  (empadronamiento)  In simple terms it identifies how many people are residing in our area, or own a property in the area. For everyone registered on the Padron the council receive funds to help with facilities provided, ie doctors police etc.
  • Therefore the more people registered, the more we are entitled to, and hence the better our facilities.

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How do I register on the Padron?

  • You need to take your property deeds, a utility bill, your passport and your NIE (or residencia if you are a resident) to the Town Hall and asked to be registered on the padron
  • . If you are renting, you need to take your rental contract, your passport, your NIE (or residencia if you have one) and a copy of your landlords passport.

If you need any help to register, MUNA will help – just call into the MUNA office.

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How often do I need to register on the Padron?

  • You need to renew the padron every 2 years if you are non resident, or 5 years if you are resident.
  • Note – if you do not renew, you will be deleted from the register. You will not be sent a reminder.

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How can I contact the council if I have a problem?

  • To contact the council you can call in the satellite Town Hall at the old police station next to the doctor surgery on Calle Amsterdam.
  • If you have not been successful in getting satisfaction from the council, talk to us – we may be able to take it up with them on your behalf.

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Proxy Vote

According to our rules for Proxy voting.  To allow someone to vote on your behalf you will need to call in the office with your original id and accompanied by the person that is to vote on your behalf together with their original id.  Both also need to be paid up members of the association. Each person is only allowed a proxy vote for one other member .

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