Tourist licence and lettings

For some time people renting property for holiday lets and short term lets in the Valencia Community have been obliged to obtain a certificate of compliance from the council where the house is located.

From 15th July 2018 a new law obliged all owners to obtain a certificate of urbanist compliance. This is known as a Touristic Licence.

Without this certificate it is not possible to legally rent out a property as a holiday or short term rental.

MUNA are given to understand an application with article 81 of the PGOU (Plan General de Ordenacion Urbanistica) Of San Fulgencio the activity of rental holiday houses is NOT compatible with the existing use of this residential area.

In conclusion the council will NOT be in a position to issue the necessary certificate at the moment.

MUNA will of course follow the development of this situation and hoping that the new administration will address this issue swiftly.

A copy of the PGOU and more information is available at our office, any member concerned is welcome to talk to us.

Green Waste

During the public council meeting held 08th of January 2019, we had the opportunity to ask some questions to our mayor and the counselors.

The secretary of MUNA, mentioned the problems we have with the green waste, in particular for the residents living in the “Parques”.

The green waste deposit known as “punto limpio” remains in service and is accessible by the residents of San Fulgencio with a card that can be obtained at the tourist information office. Depending on the localization and size of their plot they are allowed to use the service for a quantity varying between 1 and 3 cubic meters a year. In addition the organized community properties (ie. the ones with a committee and president) have the right to an additional card for the green waste generated by the communal gardens.

When I asked why it was so difficult if not impossible to obtain those cards for the “Parque” our Mayor answered that these non-structured co-property areas were private and that the council will never use public money and resources for those residents. The only solution for them is to create a community and contract a company to remove the green waste……

We thanked our “Alcalde” for his very clear answer and promised him I would explain the situation to all the neighbors.

So, if you live in a private property with a large garden, you have the right to use the “limpio verde” for up to 3 cubic meters a year. If you live in a private but structured co-property (community), you can ask a card for your home and your community will have an additional one for the communal areas, but if you live in a private non structured area like a “parque”, you will receive a card showing 1 cubic meter a year for your personal green waste and you will be obliged to either structure a community and pay for a private company to eliminate your green waste for the communal areas…???

Knowing that most of the parques are made of small terraced houses and are obviously not the richest ones in our urbanization, I already ask our future alcalde and council to simply recognize those communities and allowing for at least 3 cubic meter of green waste to each of the houses.

This would be at no cost for the council to do this but we do not have other solution at the moment.

Archaeological Update

The area is steeped in history with evidence of settlements dating back over 2,500 years at the site known as “La Escuera” and possibly 5,000 years at the site known as “El Oral”

In 1967 world famous Archaeologist Solvieg Nordstrom gathered a team of other world renowned experts and along with students from the University of Alicante Archaeological Department started to excavate the La Escura site.

Armed only with small trowels, soft brushes and enthusiasm little by little they persuaded the earth to give up its secrets.

They unearthed amongst other items pottery, kitchen wares, coins and everyday objects dating as far back as the 5th century B.C.