Holiday Lettings

Holiday Letting / Short Term Rentals

For some time people renting property for holiday lets and short term lets in the Valencia Community have been obliged to obtain a certificate of compliance from the council where the house is located. From 15th July2018 a new law obliged all owners to obtain a certificate of urbanist compliance. This is known as a Touristic Licence.

Without this certificate it is not possible to legally rent out a property as a holiday or short term rental.

This Thursday 7th February, the MUNA Committee had a meeting at San Fulgencio town hall. The Urbanisation counsellor Paulino and the technical architect Jesus where present at the meeting.

The MUNA request was to obtain a clear statement of the actual position of the council on this matter.

The answer was very clear, in application with article 81 of the PGOU (Plan General de Ordenacion Urbanistica) Of San Fulgencio the activity of rental holiday houses is NOT compatible with the existing use of this residential area.

In conclusion the council will NOT be in a position to issue the necessary certificate at the moment.

We have been assured by the technical services of San Fulgencio and the Urbanisation councilor Paulino that they will add a modification allowing this use in the next PGOU update process.

If the regional authorities accept this as a “minor” modification this will take 3 or 4 months to be resolved. If the modification is considered “structural” the delay will much longer (not specified today).

MUNA will of course follow the development of this situation and keep the community informed. A copy of the PGOU and more information is available at our office, any person concerned is welcome to talk to us. Or contact us via our website using the contact us tab.