2019 Public Meeting

To renew your membership please call in the Office on a Tuesday or Thursday between the hours of 10am and 1pm the office is situated at 124 Cll Roma San Fulgencio

Asociación Vecinal Open Meeting
La Marina Sports Complex – Thursday 3rd October 2019 19:30 h
Present: Chairman – George Scammell, Vice Chairman – Norman Anderson
Treasurer – Paul Owens, Secretary – Ellen Scammell
Committee: Ray Hill,(Patricia Feist Bruce Oram) Provisional.
Chairman´s Report
1935h Chairman George Scammell Opened the meeting.
The Chairman welcomed all who were in attendance at the meeting and asked if anyone had any questions at the end of the meeting to please give their name for the minutes.
The Chairman thanked everyone who proposed and voted in the Board of Directors and committee at the Extraordinary meeting on 10th May and thanked those members for voting in the amendment to ensure MUNA would never be political. He told the meeting the estatutes have been updated and now included the voted amendment.
Members and residents were thanked for their generosity, assisting the Council and their call for aid of food and clothing and bedding for the flood victims during the recent Gota Fria. He also thanked the companies who loaned vehicles and fuel and helped in the distribution of food and bedding etc. He stressed there is still a large amount of work to be done clearing and cleaning the houses so volunteers will be needed. He also told the meeting there was a party clearing a house on Saturday with the homeowner present and a cleaning party will be sought for next week if all goes to plan.
He spoke of the good working relationship the council has with MUNA. He told the meeting the Council have several projects in hand with the Police local to improve the security and safety of homes. One, should have begun on the day of the Gota Fria but was put on the back burner as the rescue efforts of the flood victims took priority. He explained he could not go into detail, but when it is approved residents will be notified.
The Chairman explained we have a new Police Chief and 26 officers now. He spoke about the Police local San Fulgencio Facebook page which residents can interact with queries, information or non – urgent complaints and seek advice by using their messenger service. He stressed that in an emergency to telephone 112, (where you will find an English-speaking operator) especially if it is a water leak, theft, burglary or assault.
The Chairman spoke of Social Media and stressed that MUNA no longer put any information on the Gossip groups as they are constantly trying to discredit us. He told of the last abusive episode where he had told the Gossip group he would no longer be using them. The following day we were asked by the council to try to get as much bedding and beds for the 75 flood victims who were evacuated to The School in San Fulgencio. We only had a matter of two hours to get as much bedding as we could so put the request on every media page including the gossip group. The Chairman explained he then received a message from the Gossip Admin
who lives in Orpington Kent asking for the Chairman´s resignation as he had gone back on his word. Hence, we no longer use them, sadly even in times of crisis now.
He explained that our members are now covered by the data protection act and no information held by us will be given to a third party.
The Chairman also explained that the Council cannot govern by Facebook and explained the correct procedure to follow for reporting complaints to the town hall in person, or members can come to MUNA to arrange an appointment to see a Councillor that covers your complaint. He also explained if you required a translator for speaking to a Spanish Councillor as a MUNA member we can also arrange that as we have a free translation service for our members.
The Chairman explained we have re-established our contact with HELP Vega Baja, for the benefit of the residents. They broke their relations with MUNA in November last year after MUNA went political. He also explained HELP had given us some emergency detailed contact forms for anyone who wished to take one, to complete and keep on their person in case of an accident.
The Chairman explained he has been approached by several president who would like to associate with MUNA now they have not got a president’s president. The Chairman asked if anyone would like to ask their president or if they are a President to contact MUNA with a view to a meeting.
The Chairman apologised for offending anyone, by his post he had put on Facebook asking for 6 men to help with the clearing of the finca on Saturday. He told a story of him being corrected for not being Politically Correct and being corrected by a lady who saw the post.
Secretary’s report
The Secretary Ellen Scammell introduced herself and explained her role as Secretary within MUNA. From administrative work and submitting reports to the council, advertising and ensuring MUNA is legal. She explained that she was responsible for registering the association not only in the municipal association´s register, but at Generalitat Valencia. She explained the estatutes had been amended and they would be published on the members Facebook page once they are approved and returned from Valencia.
The Secretary explained what Asociación Vecinal MUNA´s role is and what MUNA does.
She explained the bins are slowly getting better and explained the correct procedure of the bins and which container takes what rubbish. She also explained that she has requested a container to take cement and builders rubble in the same area of the tip or punto Limpio at Calle Extremadura, due to someone recently putting concrete into one of the bins which nearly broke one of the trucks when it tried to empty the bin. She also explained she had compiled a guideline on how to recycle in each bin. The guide is on the Info MUNA page and the members page. Any large item like furniture and white goods can be disposed of by telephoning 693 627 778 and will be collected on a Wednesday from outside your home at a pre-arranged time.
The Secretary told the meeting the ECO park truck which travels the Vega Baja comes to San Fulgencio each month once in the village behind the Theatre and once in the Thursday Market on the urbanisation. The days are advertised on the Ayuntamiento Facebook page but is also advertised on the MUNA pages when it is due. She explained you can recycle anything from
DVD and batteries to Knives, paint and microwaves. The Secretary did stress that nothing should be left by the bins.
And any green waste should be put into a bag and tied, large amounts of green garden waste should be taken to the tip.
If anyone sees any person tipping or disposing of items by the bin take a photograph of the vehicle number plate, call the police on 966794453 or 696465481 and send the photograph to the police, she did stress not to get into conflict with the offender or put any photograph on Facebook as you could be prosecuted.
The Secretary told the meeting she has put in a report asking for the lineage on the roads and the one-way systems to be made clearer as these are being abused.
She has also asked for the trees to be pruned as they are in a dangerous condition with thorns sticking out and stressed a child or small person could be injured by them.
The Secretary spoke of the lady with a rat problem. And how MUNA assisted her and have now got the council involved as there is a broken sewer pipe which is where they are coming from and it is now a health and safety problem.
The Secretary also told the meeting that after three years of reporting the Social Centre window, air conditioning and ladies´ toilet it had been repaired thanks to the new council and MUNA´s intervention.
She also spoke of a lady MUNA helped by getting her electricity upgraded. The lady had problems with Iberdrola, although it took four months finally the Secretary wrote to the distribution Manager who resolved the problem.
The Secretary spoke of how well the committee work well as a team, she explained we all have an input when we attend the committee meetings, which are held monthly. She spoke of the committee taking turns in holding the surgeries to help with members concerns and membership and getting the word of MUNA out into the community.
MUNA members free translation Service was also discussed. Residents attending the meeting were advised that the translation service was there to help free up the English-speaking Councillors to do their own work. The meeting was advised it is best to make an appointment to speak to a councillor, but it was no good speaking to Councillor Hull about the bins as she does not deal with them. Or Councillor Parmenter about overgrown weeds and trees, because he does not deal with them. The Secretary explained the councillor´s role:
Samantha Hull was responsible for Youth, Fiestas on the urbanisation, works and services for the urbanisation, Parks and gardens for the urbanisation and social services.
Darren Parmenter is responsible for Tourism, business and international relations (Brexit)
David Vives Gil is responsible for Waste, Health and Ecological Transition
Ana Maria Villena Gomez is responsible for Education, Animals, environment, Employment and Training.
The secretary explained MUNA has a good working relationship with the council and Police local and put out official information that all residents should be aware of, which is on their web and Facebook pages. She stated it is a good way of informing both the village and the
urbanisation of what is going on and explained there is a fiesta this week in the village in honour of the Patron the virgin of remedy, although scaled down due to the floods. The secretary explained it is the norm to offer flowers to the Patron, but any food donated will be given to the people most affected by the floods. She explained the programme of events could be found on the Ayuntamiento and MUNA Facebook groups.
Going forward: The Secretary stated that although everything has been centred around the floods and the welfare of the poor people who have lost everything, things are slowly getting back to normal. It has been both the Council and Police priority to ensure everything ran as smooth as possible, which MUNA and some of its members assisted with.
She stated things are now slowly getting back to normal, and hopefully we will see a change again and explained that MUNA are already liaising with the Council to get the potholes mended. She explained more are now popping up since the flood.
The secretary stated MUNA will be talking to the Council with reference to a bus service and getting the Ambulance re-instated. As well as getting defibrillators in police cars and getting them trained up to use them.
The Secretary ensured members MUNA would keep them updated as to what projects the council are in the process of doing and when they are up and running. We know all these things cost money and the council have requested grants for some of them, but MUNA will be monitoring the situation.
The secretary explained to the meeting how they can keep up to date with us. She explained about the two Facebook groups. The information group info MUNA is open to everyone and is an information page with no commenting. MUNA will NOT action any complaints put on this group. It is purely to keep everyone up to date with official information. Anyone not a member will not receive updates first-hand from this page.
The MUNA members page is a closed forum group where members can speak with each other and any complaints will be actioned from this page and will received first-hand information from this page.
The secretary discussed the webpage www.muna.org.es and explained it is being updated and re-vamped by our vice Chairman Norman Anderson.
The Secretary told the meeting that the newly registered office at 124 Calle Roma is now the address of Asociación Vecinal MUNA. It is open on Tuesday and Thursday from 10am until 1pm. For Memberships, renewals or any concerns you may have.
Lastly the secretary told the members helping clear a flood victims house to be careful as it is very slippery out there.
Treasurer´s Report
The Treasurer Paul Owens introduced himself. He told the meeting that his responsibility is the organisation´s finances.
He mentioned that after 3 years of MUNA being in existence the MUNA finances are in a fairly, healthy position. And this has enabled MUNA to donate to the official San Fulgencio Gota Fria fund following the recent floods. Also, as a result of our current finances MUNA have reviewed our membership fees, and the committee have agreed to reduce the cost of renewing the
membership. So, for the year 2020 to become a member the cost will remain at 5 euros per person to register, but for anybody who is renewing their membership, the cost is reduced to 2 euros. He continued that whilst MUNA will keep membership fees under review, we think that the new fee structure will enable us to fund our activities and admin costs into the future, while not building up an excessive balance.
The treasurer told the meeting there will be an opportunity for them to join or renew their membership after the meeting.
Any Other Business
The Chairman asked if anyone had any questions:
Lydia Moore asked if a notice board could be put up for members and residents not on Facebook, she did state that she had spoken to Councillor Parmenter who stated the council were possibly looking at putting a board outside the Council offices and Medical centre. The Chairman explained that as government boards MUNA would not be entitled to use them.
Terri suggested a newsletter of some sort be sent to those who have not got Facebook. The Secretary asked how many people at the meeting was not on Facebook, no one put their hands up. She stated the Newsletter was a good idea and would investigate the idea. The Chairman did say that we have books with updates and complaints for people to peruse should they wish to come into the office.
Meeting closed.
The Chairman stated the next meeting will be the AGM at the end of January 2020. A date is to be arranged.
2010 meeting closed
George Scammell – Chairman Ellen Scammell – Secretary